Vacation Rentals

We’ve built a comprehensive vacation rental program for over a decade. With many rentals available, we take care of everything.

Remote Management

Don’t have time to manage your vacation home rentals? We’ve partnered with companies worldwide to make life easier.

Renter Screening

If you’re worried about renting to people who will trash your vacation home, our screening process protects your investment.

Marketing Program

Our marketing program helps ensure you won’t have to worry about finding renters – they’ll come to you. We stage your home for the best results.

We have several popular packages to meet your needs:

Housekeeping Services

Lawn Maintenance

Top Marketing

Repair Options

When you’re working with Aston Thomas, you’re working with licensed and bonded professionals who have extensive experience in the field and treat you like family. These packages are the most popular for many of our clients. Contact us today for more details on making property management easier.

At Aston Thomas, you’re family.


Chrisy Clark

Property Manager & Founder


Steven James

Property Manager

Clients regularly mention how working with us is like working with a friend. Instead of a cold professional experience, we work with you to ensure that you’re getting everything you need out of your property management experience. We’ll develop a completely customized experience for you.